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Big Game Habitat

Managing private forests for high quality big game habitat is becoming more and more important to many landowners.  The primary reason for this is the enjoyment owners receive from having the animals on their property, and the hunting opportunities those animals provide.  Whether the hunting is for personal enjoyment or contributes to your income, improving your forested habitat will ultimately lead to better hunting.

Elkhorn Forestry, Inc. has a great deal of experience in managing western forests to improve wildlife habitat.  Assisting, and working with big game biologists has given us the experience necessary to design and implement timber harvests and other management techniques that improve wildlife habitat.  We firmly believe that forest management, when done properly, will improve habitat for wildlife and big game.  We have been practicing it for years and have seen the results! And since much of the habitat improvement work we do involves managing carefully planned timber harvests, our expertise is free.

So if you would like to see more wildlife on your property, remember that habitat is the key.  Give us a call and let’s talk about how to improve your forested habitat for big game and other wildlife.  You also might want to check out a recent article written by Tony Pranger, Managing Forests for Timber and Wildlife Habitat.

Did You Know?
       Oregon landowners can receive additional Landowner Preference Tags by conducting habitat improvement projects on their property.  Ask us how!

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