Elkhorn Forestry, Inc.
P.O. Box 1864
Oregon City, OR 97045

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Elkhorn Forestry, Inc.

Elkhorn Forestry, Inc. is a timber and natural resource management company. The company was founded by its current owner, Tony Pranger, a graduate forester from Oregon State University. Mr. Pranger created this diverse company to serve the needs of Northwest forestland owners.

We at Elkhorn Forestry, Inc. firmly believe that well managed forests are vital to maintain and support private landowners and their families, local economies, and the jobs that come from private forests, and the vast array of fish and wildlife that inhabit these forests.

Recognizing this need, we offer a full set of services for landowners to ensure that their forest management goals are met. They include the following:

* Forest Management Planning

* Timber Cruising and Appraisal

* Honest and Professional Logging

* Log Marketing

* Investment Analysis

* Reforestation

* Tax Preparation

* Cost Share Assistance

* Wildlife Habitat Enhancement

Tony Pranger, President of Elkhorn Forestry, Inc. is proud to support organizations that promote the wise use of ALL of our natural resources:

Oregon Small Woodlands Association

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